MelloMaids has proudly provided personalized cleaning services to various residential and commercial accounts in the San Francisco and South Bay Area for over four years. The company was founded by Maria Mello, a long time South Bay resident.

At MelloMaids, we respect our customer’s values and priorities. Our services are individually tailored to the specific wishes and requirements of the client. We adopt the standards of excellence our customers demand. Our motto, “Your wish is our command” is a company philosophy that is demonstrated in every client interaction.

We employ quality employees who conform to high standards of conduct. Because our employees are treated with respect and well-paid, our turnover rate is miniscule. All employees have been personally trained by Maria. Every employee will understand the required procedures before entering your front door. We take pride in providing consistency in our delivery of quality service.

As the owner and operator of MelloMaids, I personally guarantee your complete, unconditional satisfaction -- no matter what. My business and my position in the community are important to me. I am committed to having joyful, harmonious, and lasting relationships with 100% of my clients.


Standard Services are provided to your specific requirements as part of our recurring services. Standard Services include:

• Kitchen
• Bathrooms
• Bedrooms (including bedding changes)
• All living spaces
(including Dusting, Vacuuming,
Window sill cleaning,
Hardwood/stone floor cleaning)

Special Services are available with ____ days advance notice:

• Refrigerator cleaning
• Fireplace cleaning
• Inside window cleaning
• Oven cleaning

Special services with be performed for a pre-determined extra charge. Special services may be scheduled on a recurring basis as per your needs.

To ensure the health of your family and to be kind to the environment, we use only high-quality, organic cleaning products.

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